AS5040 了解更多 AMS


The AS5040 is a contactless magnetic rotary encoder for accurate angular measurement over a full turn of

360°. It is a system-on-chip, combining integrated Hall elements, analog front end and digital signal processing

in a single device.

To measure the angle, only a simple two-pole magnet,rotating over the center of the chip, is required. The

magnet may be placed above or below the IC.The absolute angle measurement provides instant

indication of the magnet’s angular position with a resolution of 0.35° = 1024 positions per revolution. 

This digital data is available as a serial bit stream and as a PWM signal.

Furthermore, a user-programmable incremental output is available, making the chip suitable for replacement of

various optical encoders.

An internal voltage regulator allows the AS5040 to operate at either 3.3 V or 5 V supplies.


 Contactless high resolution rotational position encoding over a full turn of 360 degrees

 Two digital 10bit absolute outputs:

• Serial interface and

• Pulse width modulated (PWM) output Three incremental output modes:

• Quadrature A/B and Index output signal

• Step / Direction and Index output signal

• 3-phase commutation for brushless DC motors

• 10, 9, 8 or 7 bit user programmable resolution

 User programmable zero / index position

 Failure detection mode for magnet placement monitoring and loss of power supply

 Rotational speeds up to 30,000 rpm

 Push button functionality detects movement of magnet in Z-axis

 Serial read-out of multiple interconnected AS5040 devices using Daisy Chain mode

 Wide temperature range: - 40°C to + 125°C

 Fully automotive qualified to AEC-Q100,grade 1


• Contactless rotary position sensing

• Robotics

• Brushless DC motor commutation

• Power tools

 Automotive applications:

• Steering wheel position sensing

• Gas pedal position sensing

• Transmission gearbox encoder

• Headlight position control

• Power seat position indicator

Office equipment: printers, scanners, copiers

Replacement of optical encoders

Front panel rotary switches

Replacement of potentiometers